Ringful Asthma Disease Management Apps

The Ringful Health Asthma Management Apps can proactively engage over 90% of the US population anytime anywhere. The apps drive behavior modifications throughout people’s daily lives, and improve patient / physician communication for improved efficacy and safety. We offer this app platform to Asthma disease management programs as a way to reach your population. If interested, please email Michael Yuan at michael@ringful.com

The key benefits for asthma patients and their caretakers include:

  • Personalized news and alerts for asthma related events (e.g., ozone day or community clinic events for the patient’s zip code).
  • Personalized clinical reports based on the patients’ medical journal. It helps both the patients and physicians to figure out asthma triggers, and medication efficacy for the individual patient.
  • Daily engagement and personal accountability by nudging the patient to keep a medical journal.
  • Reminders for medication and inhaler refills, as well as medication coupons.
  • Quick access to local community health providers.

For patients with smartphones (20% of the population), we offer feature-rich disease management applications on the iPhone, Android, and Blackberry platforms. For the rest of the population, 90% of them have regular mobile phones with SMS. Those patients can interact with our services directly using SMS. Here is how to do it:

  1. Text asthma email@address to 41411 to register. A personal account will be created for you on our web portal, through which you could view personalized clinical reports and share data with doctors and caregivers. Registered users will receive personalized alerts and reminders as they interact with the service as below.
  2. Text asthma # triggers to 41411 to report today’s asthma symptom severity and triggers. The severity # is a number between 0 to 10, with 0 being symptom free and 10 being severe asthma that requires emergency room visit. You can also enter in free text triggers that caused today’s asthma. Example: asthma 5 cedar pollen, smoke
  3. Text asthma inhaler # to 41411 to log inhaler use. The # is number of pumps you used. Example: asthma inhaler 2
  4. Text asthma start medication to 41411 to register the start of a medication. Example: asthma start advair
  5. Text asthma stop medication to 41411 to register the stop of a medication. Example: asthma stop advair
  6. Text asthma help to 41411 to have a health couch / nurse call you and speak with you.

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