Innovative Mobile CME Solutions

At Ringful Health, we provide automated solutions to help CME content providers and medical facilities. We offer mobile integration with multiple Learning Management System backends to provide healthcare professionals with on-the-go access to continuing education.

Content management

We provide a system to automatically convert your existing SCORM compatible courses into a format that can be presented on a native mobile application (all major mobile platforms are supported). The native application can be branded for you, or be embedded in a larger application.

LMS integration

The native application integrates with your existing Learning Management System (LMS) through a “connector” service maintained by Ringful Health. That allows the mobile user to autenticate themselves against your LMS, report achievements, and receive credits.

Intelligent recommendations

Ringful Health analyzes user preference and actual completion of courses. It would then recommend new courses for the user that are most likely to interest the user, and enhance the user’s skill set. It is a Netflix-like recommendation engine for CME courses.

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