Flowcharts to Mobile Apps

At Ringful Health, we provide a solution to turn any flow chart, medical checklist, or clinical protocol into point-of-care mobile apps. Those apps provide evidence- based clinical decision support (CDS), capture clinical documentation, and facilitate patient hand-off.

Decision support

Clinical protocols are designed to help clinicians make quick decisions under complex circumstances. However, remembering and following those protocols are difficult as the flow charts grow more and more complex. It is also difficult to document and keep track of user’s compliance to protocol without electronic records. Our solution solves those problems.

Supports any flowchart

Our technology captures and converts any clinical flowchart or decision tree into a mobile app (or a component inside a mobile app). The user is guided by the mobile app screen-by-screen at the point of care, and has the ability to go back and forth just like a paper chart.

Better handoff

Team communication is a crucial aspect of high quality healthcare. By automating complex workflows that require multiple teams, our applications capture exactly what have been done so far and allow the next team to quickly review the status. The report summary data can be integrated into EHR, printed / faxed, and sent via secure messages.

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