Clinical Decision Support (CDS) has been around since the 1970s. Overtime, many CDS tools have been developed ranging from diagnostic aids, prescribing aids, treatment protocols, clinical flow charts, and guidelines. They are crucial tools for physicians and hospital teams to deliver consistent and high quality healthcare services. However, existing CDS also have some significant shortcomings.

  • First, once a CDS tool is developed, there is little understanding of its usage and efficacy in the real world. For instance, once a guideline is published, there is almost no way to track how it is used, whether it is used correctly, and whether it improves clinical outcomes.
  • Second, traditional CDS tools are focused almost exclusively on physicians, and sometimes on nurses. There is almost no consideration for involving patients in the decision making.

Ringful Health’s unique innovation in CDS is to bring together cutting edge mobile technology and data science to address the above two problems. Specifically,

Mobile tools to disseminate guidelines and collect data

The pervasive use of mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, amongst clinicians and patients, have given rise to a new way to disseminate CDS information. Clinicians can have access to CDS tools and content at the point of care (e.g., at the bedside). They not only receive information, but also keep track of what’s done and the patients’ outcomes.

With mobile apps, the patients have access to the same information at the point of care, and can have a real time discussion with their physicians and teams to make clinical decisions that address individual needs. In addition, the patient is also empowered to track outcomes with mobile apps after the clinical decision is made, and provide crucial feedback to the efficacy of the CDS.

Predictive data analytics to improve CDS

By correlating real world outcome data with the CDS’s recommended decisions, we can build sophisticated statistical models to improve the CDS’s decision rules. At Ringful Health, our projects touches on many such decisions rules ranging from emergent condition diagnosis, cancer screening, medication use, pain management, to emergency response protocols.

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