Ringful Health selected as a finalist in IBM Watson Challenge

I am pleased to announce that Ringful Health is selected as a finalist in the IBM Watson Challenge. We will develop a new cognitive application to facilitate critical medical decision making by patients and physicians. Our entry to the challenge is based on our pioneering work on smart cancer screening funded by the National Institutes of Health.

The IBM Watson super computer made headlines in 2011 for defeating human champions in popular TV quiz show Jeopardy! Since then, IBM has developed the technology behind Watson into a Cognitive Computing Platform, and announced an $1B business unit focused on its development and application. In Feb 2014, IBM announced the Watson Mobile Challenge to select teams to build innovative cognitive applications on the Watson platform. Ringful Health is selected from hundreds of submission as one of the 25 finalists, and is granted computing time on the Watson super computer to train Watson to “understand” a specific medical domain with a large body of medical research literature, clinical guidelines, and clinical trial data.

In 2001, I wrote one of the first popular tech articles on the technology and application of Watson on IBM developerWorks. I am very excited to be back and work with the Watson computer again this time. Our team has already started “teaching” Watson domain knowledge in this area. Stay tuned!


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