A real world use case of Hospital Compare

When VentureBeat’s Anthony Ha reviewed our Hospital Compare app, he said:

When I’m looking for a hospital (which isn’t all that often), my iPhone isn’t the first place I look, or the second, but mobile health startup Ringful wants to change that.

For apps like that, a constant question is indeed “why do it on the mobile phone when you can do it on a PC?” Well, the use case I came up with is for the patient to look at hospital reputations while sitting in the primary care doctor’s office waiting for the doctor to write up the referral. If you wait until you go home to research the hospital and found it is not good, you might have to make second trip to your primary care doctor office to change the referral.

What I did not expect is that healthcare providers themselves might also find the application useful. One of our users just left this comment on the app store review section:

As an EMT I like it a lot. I often get patients that refused to be transported to a specific hospital because of what they believe to be substandard level of care. Now I can compare hospitals to see how others feel about them.

Very cool. Savings lives one app at a time! 🙂

Get Hospital Compare for your iPhone


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